Labour Hire Licensing Act 2018

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Troubleshooters Available is a proud and longstanding player in the construction industry. Having been in operation for almost 45 years, we have always abided by the statutory and legislative requirements which regulate our operations, most of which relate to taxation, industrial relations, superannuation and occupational health & safety.

In September 2015 an inquiry into the labour hire industry was announced to investigate the practices of labour hire companies and the abuse of visas to avoid workplace laws and undermine minimum employment standards.

The outcome of the inquiry was the enactment of the Labour Hire Licensing Act 2018 (Vic) in June 2018. Labour hire providers across all industries will require a license to operate and will have to pass a “fit & proper” person test. These requirements are not yet in force, nor has there been an announcement about the commencement date for these obligations however it is expected to be sometime early/mid 2019 with a transition period of six months.

Troubleshooters Available wishes to provide an assurance to all its clients, past, present and future, that we have commenced in house preparations to ensure that the transition to the new system is seamless and without disruption to our services. We will communicate our progress through the new requirements to our clients and are happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

It’s business as usual for us and we will continue to support the industry and our clients as we have done since 1974. We look forward to assisting you with your construction personnel in the lead up to Christmas and for many years to come.


Troubleshooters – The Solution


In an industry where deadlines are critical to the success of your projects, having the right mix of human resources and skills is top priority.  The end result of being undermanned and/or not having a workforce with the required skills is reduced productivity, low morale, increased potential for workplace injury and profitability.

Troubleshooters has extensive industry experience, over 40 years, and are able to source the right personnel to meet your needs. Our clients have access to our support and services when and where required.  We can respond rapidly to your needs and you can get the most from your workforce.

Should you require additional construction personnel to overcome adhoc demands, staff leave, under-performing personnel or to meet looming deadlines – call us NOW.

We can provide you with experienced, proven and accredited construction personnel – 24 hours, 7 days.

Ph: 9568 4877




highrise building under golden hour

Troubleshooters are an experienced labour hire company who, for over 40 years, have focused on delivering quality contract labour to the Building and Construction Industry.  

Troubleshooters get to know you, your business, your projects and what you need to succeed. They have longevity in the construction industry because they are fully committed to quality outcomes and complete satisfaction for all clients – large or small, new or longstanding 24 hours – 7 days.

Reliable, Responsible – Tried true and tested, Troubleshooters utilise rigid standards to ensure the labour you contract and hire are the best people available. Don’t hire just anyone. Hire a Troubleshooter, backed with experience and an enviable track record over many years in business.

Troubleshooters – available now – Phone 9568 – 4877

Troubleshooters Available – OH&S Reminder


Non compliant scaffold


No fall prevention in place


Plank being used to span between two scaffold towers


Non compliant opening

Troubleshooters OH&S Advisor, Danny Corcoran is often stunned by the risks that construction workers are prepared to take with their safety. Despite the awareness and strong focus on OH&S, there is always a worker out there with a false sense of “it won’t happen to me” or “it will only take me a minute”. One bad decision or a split second disregard for safe work practices can change a persons life forever.

The pictures shown above were taken on random sites around Melbourne and demonstrate a complete disregard for safe work practices and fall prevention requirements.

Non compliant work platforms:

  1. Scaffold is not erected to Aust. Standards. Home made timber ladder is in use. Safe entry/egress points are not available the building. Further, a 6′ aluminium step ladder is being used to gain greater height.
  2. Workers on a 40° pitched metal clad roof top without fall prevention systems in place. Potential for workers to plummet to their deaths.
  3. A plank is being used to span between the two scaffold towers at a height of greater than 2 metres. A hand rail system is not in place to prevent a fall.
  4. Works were seen utilising a non-compliant opening in the building as a quick exit from the upper level.

Site Safety Audits Victoria, the OH&S division of Troubleshooters Available, can provide a professional and effective OH&S advisory service. Independent safety inspections can increase the awareness of safety on your sites and helps to ensure that your workers and their families are not affected by the trauma of workplace accidents.


Commonwealth GC

Commonwealth Golf Club

The Master Builders Association Victoria does a tremendous job of organising the monthly corporate golf days for its members. The days are held at some of the best courses in Victoria and the hospitality is fantastic.

Troubleshooters Available is a proud and long time supporter of these events, as they provide an avenue of getting like minded construction participants together in a relaxed environment. The opportunities for networking and the sharing of information at these days is excellent.

Troubleshooters Available has provided sponsorship at these games for the past 15 years with prize packs awarded for “Nearest the Pin’ on the Par 3’s.

If any Troubleshooter clients or contractors would like to join the TSA team for a round you can drop an email to or call 0418 393 010.

The fixture for this year is as follows:

  • 26th March – Commonwealth Golf Club – sponsored by Windsor Management Insurance Brokers
  • 23rd April – Green Acres Golf Club – sponsored by MBAIS
  • 14th May – Long Island Country Club – sponsored by MBAV
  • 25th June – Spring Valley Gold Club – sponsored by Bluescope Steel
  • 20th August – Woodlands Gold Club – sponsored by Mitchcon
  • 17th September – The National Golf Club – sponsored by Timberwood Panels
  • 19th November – Westborough Golf Club – sponsored by AUSDECOM
  • 3rd December – Yarra Yarra Golf Club – sponsored by LU Simon Builders


Construction Personnel – We set the standards!

Troubleshooters contractors are ambassadors for the organisation and are considered integral to the success of the business.

Our contractors are rigidly screened to ensure those selected are self-starters, responsible and skilled.

Hire a Troubleshooter and you can expect high quality individuals that demonstrate quality work ethics, genuine experience and the ability to adjust to a flexible regime that can deliver results.

They use every assignment as an opportunity to showcase their particular skills, experiences and work ethics.

The variety of assignments enables our contractors to cultivate a diversity of work experiences and further their opportunities within the construction industry.

Our contractors are determined and motivated to give their best to our clients.  The recommendations and feedback we receive from our clients contributes to their use on future projects and good workers are always in demand.

Our contractors are able to manage their work/life balance which is becoming increasingly important to us all. The variety of projects and tasks is appealing and provides opportunities for the contractors to enhance and further develop their experience and skills. They are also able to improve their network of business contacts.

In utilising the services of a labour hire agency such as Troubleshooters Available, builders can quickly increase their workforce in times of peak and/or unexpected activity and similarly they are able to reduce their workforce during down time.

The ability to source specific skills at short notice is also a benefit. The use of labour hire can be an effective staffing strategy with wide ranging benefits

Why use Troubleshooters?

Image result for construction sites melbourne
Troubleshooters have been providing Labour Hire for over 40 years. A friendly and dedicated team that is good at what it does – finding great contractors for your projects

Troubleshooters work with you to find top notch construction workers for your projects. Troubleshooters contractors are motivated, performance based and flexible

You, the client, can de-stress, refocus and concentrate on your normal role – Leave all the paperwork to Troubleshooters. Workcover, payroll tax, public liability, superannuation – Troubleshooters take care of it. Reduce your costs, administration and accounting procedures – easy!
Troubleshooters can assist their building & construction clients with support and guidance on Industrial Relations and associated matters
Troubleshooters are committed to Occupational Health & Safety and have an excellent safety record

Need Construction Personnel?

When it comes to construction personnel, one size does not fit all.

The team at Troubleshooters Available will ensure that obtaining the right personnel for your projects is straight forward and hassle free.

We have construction personnel available with experience and proven performance in all areas of construction – commercial, industrial, civil through to domestic.

Regardless of the size of your project we can, and will happily provide you with the resources you require.

If you want to fully staff all your building and construction projects with highly motivated, fully flexible, performance based Construction Industry Personnel –

CALL US NOW – 9568 4877

We’ve been providing our clients with this service for over 40 years and pride ourselves on getting it right – the first time!


Record $32.8B building work in Victoria 2016-17

One of the key indicators for the building industry is the number of building and construction permits issued by the Victorian Building Authority (VBA).


Here is a press release from the VBA that will be of great interest to our readers and followers…

Press Release

VBA logo

Record $32.8b building work in Victoria in 2016-17 – rural growth outstrips metropolitan

The value of building in Victoria in the financial year 2016-17 reached a record $32.8 billion, according to the latest building permit data from the Victorian Building Authority (VBA).

Across the state, regional and rural Victoria performed better growth-wise than metropolitan Melbourne with the value of building permits outside Melbourne up 6.9 per cent from the 2015-16 value to $5.8 billion. Inner and outer Melbourne rose a combined 3.4 per cent to $27 billion.

VBA Chief Executive Officer Prue Digby said that the value of domestic building permits (houses) for the year was a record $17.3 billion – almost 7 per cent higher than the previous record of $16.2 billion in 2015-16.

Meanwhile, residential building permits (including apartments) fell 11 per cent to $5.3 billion when compared to the previous financial year – still the second highest value on record for this building use category.

Ms Digby said that by local government area, the City of Melbourne remained the number one municipality in the state, with $3.9 billion of building work, followed by the City of Wyndham ($1.8 billion, almost 20 per cent above the 2015-16 level) and the City of Casey ($1.6 billion, also almost 20 per cent higher). The City of Greater Geelong was the number four municipality in the state at $1.4 billion, a rise of 12.8 per cent over 2015-16. Eight of the top 10 municipalities reported works of more than $1 billion in 2016-17.

The biggest building permit issued in metropolitan Melbourne (and Victoria overall) in 2016-17 was for a mixed use Commercial development at Narre Warren valued at $98 million. In rural Victoria, an aged care facility at Armstrong Creek in the Greater Geelong municipality accounted for the highest cost of work, at $28.6 million.

By building use category, the value of building permits in 2016-17 compared with 2015-16 showed:

  • Domestic (houses) increased 6.9 per cent to $17.3 billion
  • Residential (including apartments) fell 11.0 per cent to $5.3 billion
  • Commercial rose 11.8 per cent to $4.1 billion
  • Retail fell 12.2 per cent to $1.7 billion
  • Industrial rose 11.5 per cent to $614 million
  • Public buildings rose 31.9 per cent to 2.7 billion.

By region, the value of building permits in 2016-17 compared with 2015-16 showed:

  • Inner Melbourne increased 0.8 per cent to $14.8 billion
  • Outer Melbourne rose 6.8 per cent to $12.2 billion
  • Gippsland fell 0.4 per cent to $884 million
  • North Central fell 9.0 per cent to $953 million
  • North East rose 14.0 per cent to $838 million
  • North West rose 8.9 per cent to $974 million
  • South West rose 15.7 per cent to $2.1 billion.

Building surveyors submit information relating to their building permit functions to the VBA each month. The information provided by the VBA is drawn from and is reliant on this information.

Sun Safety on Construction Sites

Melbournians typically welcome summer with open arms. It’s the start of beach cricket, picnics, BBQs and having a good time but we must also remember the dangers that come along with those good times, especially in the work place.


As we all know Melbourne weather can deliver 4 seasons in one day however is not uncommon for us to experience days where the weather can hit the high 30’s. If the correct precautions are not taken this can result in heat stroke where the body temperature rises up to 40.5º and the body’s internal system starts to shut down. Some symptoms of heat stroke are throbbing headache, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, red, hot & dry skin, rapid shallow breathing, lack of sweating and unconsciousness just to name a few. These symptoms can lead to serious injury to the brain and other internal organs.

When approaching extreme weather days we need to consider the types of work that will be taking place and whether these can be re-scheduled, whether more man power needs to be hired to ensure the work is completed on time and allowing workers to take more frequent breaks.

Outdoor workers receive five to ten times more sun exposure each year than indoor workers. Spending long periods outdoors can put your workers at high risk of skin cancer.


Some ways of preventing heat illness on the work site:

  • Provide shade close to the work site where possible for refuge from the direct sun and for rest periods
  • Provide SPF30+ broad spectrum sun cream on site
  • Ensure workers have frequent rest breaks and/or rotate duties to allow people to cool down and to limit exposure.
  • Ensure adequate PPE for hot weather is worn, i.e. light breathable clothing, full brim hats etc
  • Provide and encourage the use of mechanical aids
  • Try to organise strenuous work for the cooler parts of the day or consider earlier starts to avoid the heat
  • Provide fluids close to the work area and encourage construction workers to make up for body fluid lost through sweating. A useful “rule of thumb” is that workers should drink at least half a litre of water each hour if hot environments result in excessive sweating
  • Inform and train construction workers to recognise symptoms of heat-related illness

Troubleshooters Available has a legal obligation to ensure its contractors are provided with a safe working environment. For your peace of mind and ours, our safety division, Site Safety Audits Victoria (SSAV), conducts regular site inspections throughout the year providing feedback and suggestions regarding OH&S on site.

Visit our website for further information.