Troubleshooters Available – OH&S Reminder


Non compliant scaffold


No fall prevention in place


Plank being used to span between two scaffold towers


Non compliant opening

Troubleshooters OH&S Advisor, Danny Corcoran is often stunned by the risks that construction workers are prepared to take with their safety. Despite the awareness and strong focus on OH&S, there is always a worker out there with a false sense of “it won’t happen to me” or “it will only take me a minute”. One bad decision or a split second disregard for safe work practices can change a persons life forever.

The pictures shown above were taken on random sites around Melbourne and demonstrate a complete disregard for safe work practices and fall prevention requirements.

Non compliant work platforms:

  1. Scaffold is not erected to Aust. Standards. Home made timber ladder is in use. Safe entry/egress points are not available the building. Further, a 6′ aluminium step ladder is being used to gain greater height.
  2. Workers on a 40° pitched metal clad roof top without fall prevention systems in place. Potential for workers to plummet to their deaths.
  3. A plank is being used to span between the two scaffold towers at a height of greater than 2 metres. A hand rail system is not in place to prevent a fall.
  4. Works were seen utilising a non-compliant opening in the building as a quick exit from the upper level.

Site Safety Audits Victoria, the OH&S division of Troubleshooters Available, can provide a professional and effective OH&S advisory service. Independent safety inspections can increase the awareness of safety on your sites and helps to ensure that your workers and their families are not affected by the trauma of workplace accidents.


Commonwealth GC

Commonwealth Golf Club

The Master Builders Association Victoria does a tremendous job of organising the monthly corporate golf days for its members. The days are held at some of the best courses in Victoria and the hospitality is fantastic.

Troubleshooters Available is a proud and long time supporter of these events, as they provide an avenue of getting like minded construction participants together in a relaxed environment. The opportunities for networking and the sharing of information at these days is excellent.

Troubleshooters Available has provided sponsorship at these games for the past 15 years with prize packs awarded for “Nearest the Pin’ on the Par 3’s.

If any Troubleshooter clients or contractors would like to join the TSA team for a round you can drop an email to or call 0418 393 010.

The fixture for this year is as follows:

  • 26th March – Commonwealth Golf Club – sponsored by Windsor Management Insurance Brokers
  • 23rd April – Green Acres Golf Club – sponsored by MBAIS
  • 14th May – Long Island Country Club – sponsored by MBAV
  • 25th June – Spring Valley Gold Club – sponsored by Bluescope Steel
  • 20th August – Woodlands Gold Club – sponsored by Mitchcon
  • 17th September – The National Golf Club – sponsored by Timberwood Panels
  • 19th November – Westborough Golf Club – sponsored by AUSDECOM
  • 3rd December – Yarra Yarra Golf Club – sponsored by LU Simon Builders